Welcome to the Guess The Pairing Contest!


To the Ficlets Page.


For the duration of voting and guessing the ficlets remain anonymous. After Feb, 15 the authors and the pairings will be revealed.
To see the pairing, highlight the white space beneath the ficlet after Feb, 15.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The weeks of hard thinking and writing are over, and I'm proud to present you the result of many people's efforts.

There are exactly 30 entries. Some of them are longer than a ficlet, some of them are shorter than a drabble, but they all are a great fun to read! I always knew that VAMBies were a resourceful bunch, and we've proven it once again!

There were fics submitted that were about pairings I would never dreamed of! Of course, not all these "pairings" are of romantic nature. I regret to say that nobody felt up to writing anything to immortalize the canon Voyager pairing, Neelix / leola root. Well, maybe next time :D

Please remember, that you have time to read the ficlets, vote for your three favorites and guess the pairings until Feb, 13!

Have a blast!


PS: If you think you guessed the pairing but something still doesn't add up, guess again! ;)

To the Ficlets Page.

The Official Contest Promo Video

Check out Voyager: Mission Impossible on YouTube!

The promo video.

Some people say it contains hints to the pairings of this contest. Who knows, who knows...



The page with winners is up!


My congratulations!!!

Rules and Deadlines

It's a blind contest for writers and readers that takes place from Jan, 3 2009 to Feb, 15 2009.


Take a pairing, write a ficlet in which you don't call the characters by name and place hints for readers.
Please include only canon Voyager characters.
I will place the contributions on the contest page without your name for the duration of voting.
After the voting is over the author's name will appear on the page with the respective ficlet.
You may submit more than one ficlet.

Sign up: from now until Jan, 18 per email ewigestudentin (AT sign) gmail (dot) com or pm me on VAMB (nick: EwigeStudentin).
Send your ficlet and solution to ewigestudentin (AT sign) gmail (dot) com by Feb, 1.
You'll receive a confirmation that I got your ficlet within one or two days.


On Feb, 3 I'll activate the link to the Ficlets page.

Please send me all your guesses in one pm until Feb, 13.
You get one point for one correctly guessed pairing.
If there is more than one pairing in a ficlet, e.g. two, and you guess them both correctly, you get two points.
The one who gets the most points is the winner.

Independent from the guessing part you can vote for your favorite ficlets.
Cast your vote per pm on VAMB (nick: EwigeStudentin) until Feb, 13 please.
You can vote for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Writers too may guess and vote for ficlets of other people.

On Feb, 13 the voting and guessing is over. I'll count the points, reveal the authours' nicks and announce the winners here and on VAMB until Feb, 15.

Put on your thinking caps and reserve time for reading! I'm looking forward to your participation!

~Ewige Studentin

PS: Yes, you may submit more than one ficlet. No, it's not limited to 1,000 words, it just should be of reasonable length. All ratings are welcome.

Star Trek: Voyager and related properties exist as Registered Trademarks of Paramount Pictures.
No copyright infringement intended. No profits made here.

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